The Glan Morfa Lodge Wildlife Experience is an environmental project situated on the periphery of Malltraeth Marsh Site of Special Scientific Interest on the Isle of Anglesey, in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

On entering the old farmyard and gazing westwards towards Bodorgan Estate the beauty of Glan Morfa and the countryside become apparent and entices the visitor to explore further.

The initial rolling fields make way for rocky outcrops, which finally sink away from the higher ground over vegetation clad escarpment and into the marshy lowland. Nature has the guiding hand in dictating how the site is developing,  in order to redress the ecological balance, disrupted by centuries of agricultural grazing.

The balance between raw resources of the site, the crystal clear spring that cascades the escarpment, the new lake creations, the rugged scarp face, the sodden marsh and varies nooks and crannies of varied character and the species of plants and animals that reside here is recognised.

The introduction of Dog Rose and Broom, Western Gorse and Silver Birch, Alder and Hawthorn, Black Thorn, Crab Apple, Wild Cherry, Hazel, Holly, Ash and Goat Willow now provides shelter to the increasing wildlife within the area.

From Buzzards to Black-birds and Robins to Ravens, Glan Morfa provides a home to well over fifty types of birds and the lakes are a popular stop over point for birds migrating from afar afield as Siberia and Canada.

Glan Morfa is a place where all may come and experience nature and its habitat, first hand. Pathways within the site guide the visitor down through the newly planted upland, through wooded glades, along the minnow stream and waterfalls, and around the lakes visited by many species of waterfowl. Areas of the site such as the leafy butterfly walk and scarp face, heavily clad in vegetation can be viewed in their unaltered state.

There is still more nurturing to be done at Glan Morfa, however the project has acted as a strong catalyst to a wildlife adventure, one which evolves on a daily basis and will inspire imagination and interest from all who visit this magical place.


A group of volunteers working with the Council’s AONB team visit regularly.

They offer us invaluable advice and help on keeping and managing the site. After their visit they produce long lists of all the wildlife they recorded on the day.

AONB Volunteers

AONB volunteers at Glan Morfa

Recorded in July 2015 – possibly the only native British orchid which occurs nowhere else in the world. It is called Dune Helleborine Epipactis dunensis.

Helleborine Epipactis dunensis

Rare British Orchid: Dune Helleborine Epipactis dunensis