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Learn Qigong/Chi gung in Nature – Weekend Retreat

Qigong is an ancient exercises system that has been used in China for over 3,000 years to bring high levels of health and vitality.

Qigong is an ancient exercise system that has been used in China, for over 3,000 years to bring human beings to a high level of health and vitality. While using sound biomechanical alignments and understanding of the physical anatomy, these exercises strive for the goal of improving more than just the muscular system of the body. This is achieved by relaxation and releasing of the gross and subtle tensions held in the body. The ancients found that it takes training and skill to learn how to release and let go and once that skill is learned it can improve everything, from strength and balance to nerve & blood flow.

Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body

Originally brought to the west by Taoist Lineage Holder, Bruce Frantzis, this set is a fantastic foundation for all internal art practices.

This is 6 exercises that synergistically clear, balance and improve your bodies overall health. This set covers the basic movement patterns a person will perform, from standing still, to slow and simple arm, leg and weight shifts, to more dynamic and flowing actions.

What You Will Learn at The Retreat

Over the course of five days (or weekend option), you will learn how to recognize and release subtle and gross tension in your body. You will discover new ways to move and use your body that will energize and heal rather than diminish or harm.

We have chosen the retreat format so that everyone will benefit as much as possible. The beginners and novices, you can get the best start possible on your journey towards better health. For the intermediate and more advanced, this will be a great opportunity to dive deeper and reap even more benefits from your practice.

Standing Meditation
Standing can be a task master, but once the alignments are learned and used it becomes much more than a test of will & might and more a perfect vehicle for deep internal exploration and change. You will learn Outer Dissolving meditation. This is the main practice for the water method of Taoism and is as useful today as it was centuries ago. Releasing tension and stress with this method has the ability to make a person incredibly open, relaxed, and at ease with themselves.

Cloud Hands
You will progress from a standing meditation practice to a simple movement pattern called Clouds Hands. Here you will learn how to connect your legs and arms to your spine and move in an increasingly coordinated and integrated fashion. Shifting of the weight in this movement will greatly reduce most balance issues. Encouraging a natural turning of the soft tissues of the body, a regular practice of this movement will provide up to 80% of the benefits of a Tai Chi form.

The Swings
Building on the relaxation that has been created with the previous material, you will continue your learning with a more dynamic form of relaxation, simply called the Swings. The Three Swings are specifically designed to open every part of your body. This is where your practice becomes quite dynamic and your energy and stability reaches new levels.

The First Swing
This exercise focuses on opening the lower area of your body including your legs, lower intestines, genitals and lower back. Gently turning the tissues with proper alignments will also stabilize and improve various issues including blood flow and knee stability.

The Tai Chi Spine Stretch
This unique and immensely valuable spine exercise is used to lay the ground work for the development of the ability for you to control the movement of each vertebrae of your spine. This one particular exercise is worth the price of admission as it helps release compression issues of the vertebrae of the spine.

All the material and skills that you learn up to the point serve to create a stable and safe foundation upon which all lifelong and more advanced chi practices can be explored from. Standing, Dissolving, Cloud Hands, the 1st Swing and the Spine Stretch all offer tremendous benefit when practiced alone and when practiced in an integrated fashion, those benefits increase dramatically.

The Second Swing
Working all the previous material and adding a direction turning of the waist and torso, this swing energizes the middle organs such as the liver, spleen, and those more involved with digestion. This swing requires a refined ability to release the muscles and nerves.

The Third Swing
This swing may look a bit more odd than the rest but is quite difficult to pull off without being tremendously open and internally coordinated. Designed to open the upper area of the body including the Lungs and Brain, this swing will provide a better understanding of the elastic nature of your body.

Just as a rising tide will lift all boats, this set will allow your chosen form, art or personal practice to achieve new heights. In practicing this you will be exercising the entire range of movement possibilities. Where you choose to take it is up to you.

In order to provide a stress free environment in which to learn and grow, all accommodations are included with various room options available.
Course Price for full 5 Days (Friday eve – tuesday eve  w/ Accommodation is £699 (£825 after September 1st)

Weekend option w/ Accommodation (Friday day eve – Sunday eve) is £399 (£455 after September 1st)

Space is limited and we fill up fast, so reserve your spot today!

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