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Tai-Chi retreat at Glan Morfa –
September 23rd – October 1st 
with Aaron Green

Two Courses in One Fantastic Retreat

  • The Marriage of Heaven & Earth Qigong (Sept. 23rd- 27th 2017)
  • Tai Chi Chuan Push Hands (Sept. 29th-Oct. 1st 2017)

After teaching for many years Aaron has found that, because of the potential complexity and depth of the material in these exercises. working on a particular set over an extended period of time is the best path toward progress and a deep understanding of the skills to be learned.


The Marriage of Heaven & Earth Qigong
Sept. 23rd- 27th 2017

This set is quite deep and will be looked at from two angles. One will be for the beginning student that has little to no experience and is looking to establish a fantastic foundation. The second will be for the experienced student so they can dive deeper into the previously learned material and take it further.

Tai Chi Chuan Push Hands
Sept. 29th-Oct. 1st 2017

In the weekend course, Aaron will share his personal take on the practice of Push Hands and most importantly, how to use it as a feedback platform with which to improve any chi gung or nei gung skills.


We have chosen the retreat format so that everyone will benefit as much as possible. The experience of working together with a group of like mind people that are all working toward a goal of self improvement can be quite profound and we are happy to be able to keep creating this opportunity for you at Glan Morfa, in beautiful Wales.



Aaron Green- Certified Energy Arts Instructor

Aaron Green has been teaching Energy Arts for more than 20 years and has trained extensively with Taoist Lineage Master Bruce Frantzis . Aaron is a seasoned practitioner and a gifted teacher of Wu style Tai Chi, Longevity Breathing and various qigong practices embodying a high level of energetic ability and sensitivity. For the past 10 years Aaron has also been using Craniosacral Therapy and Qigong Tui-Na to help his clients achieve various goals, from improved posture to chronic pain relief and remission of incurable conditions. He is now travelling in the US and internationally in order to share this life enhancing material.


Spring 2017 retreat video: