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Hey all, im excited to announce our Spring Retreat on the Druid Isle of Anglesey with Aaron Green is now on sale 🙂 April 26th – 30th

This will be our 4th retreat at Glan Morfa, 6 beautiful cottages set amongst 37 acres with views of Snowdon and the epic Newborough Beach and Forest just 10 mins away.

All lunches and evening meals are included with excellent self catering facilities for breakfast and snack attacks .

We are returning to where we started with Energy Gates Qigong

Reflecting personally on my development it’s great to be bearing the fruit we planted 2.5 years ago at the first course. It was in this environment and with Aarons expert and compassionate tuition and help that I finally truly took this material on and gained a realistic appraisal of my internal state. The same happened with our two Heaven and Earth retreats, it was tough going at times, as truly engaging with what is inside can be but i feel good be looking back at my progress (as a teacher too!)

It’s also been rewarding to see others achieve the same, and to see great friendships forged…

This time we have added an optional 6th day to set the stage for the next wave of development

‘Energy Gates 2.0 Wednesday May 1st

This will be a unique one day event that is open to everyone that has experience with opening the energy Gates of your body material. It will be especially useful for those that have learned the spiraling material from Bruce. The focus of this event will be clarity on the upward current, what it is and how to use it in the frame work of the energy gates.
a major component of a balanced energy system. You will learn how to clearly access and work with the upward current’

I believe we have the perfect conditions and support to go deep this spring in Wales

You can sign up right HERE


Chris Gorman
Phoenix Blu Retreats