Glan Morfa comprises of 37 acres of beautiful walks perfect for nature watching. While walking through the Glan Morfa grounds you are likely to see rabbits aplenty, the occasional hare, shrews voles and other small mammals as well as the ever popular hedgehogs who can be heard snuffling around at night. If you are lucky you may spot one of the otters that visit the lakes at Glan Morfa from time to time; and as an added incentive we are offering a £100 cash prize to the first person able to catch the otters on camera.

We are also within a short distance of Newborough Forest, one of the very few places where Red Squirrels can still be found, and also adjacent to Newbourough Warren, where rare wild orchids can be found, including Marsh Helleborines, generally considered to be the most beautiful of wild orchids.

Glan Morfa is the only recognised dark sky spot on Anglesey. There are a number of meteor showers due to take place this year including the Perseid shower peaking around August 12th, the Taurids throughout November and the Geminid meteor shower that peaks on 13th/14th December; dependent on the weather all three showers should be visible with the naked eye from Glan Morfa.