There are 6 cottages, one communal library, a barn and 37 acres of nature parkland at Glan Morfa – making it perfect for group celebrations and other events!

Weather you are planning a family holiday, a friends reunion or a particular event, do give us a call to discuss and we will do our best to make it work for you.








We have 6 cottages:

  • 1x 1-bedroom
  • 4x 2-bedrooms
  • 1x 3-bedrooms


All together, they include:

  • 12 bedrooms
  • 10 single beds (4 of which are in 2 adult-size bunk beds)
  • 7 double/king beds
  • 2 extra guest beds
  • 1 double sofa bed


In total we can sleep:

  • 24-28 people
  • Or 20 people in individual beds (not sharing any beds)
  • Or 12 people in individual rooms (not sharing doubles or twins)


Communal Areas – Library:

This is a large space normally set up with comfy seating areas, a card games table, a drinks table and an area of local information. This space is shared by guests on an informal basis. Anyone hiring all 6 cottages will have exclusive access to the Library.


For large groups, the library can be set up as:

  • A clear space 6.5 m x 5.5 m (35 sq mt)
  • Clear space with chairs for 30 people
  • Dining space for up to 25 people*


*There’s a toilet and a small kitchen area that can be used during events (but please note the kitchen is too restricted for large catering. Informal groups having a meal will need to cook in their cottages and carry over. Catering can be arranged. Additional cutlery, plates, etc can be supplied if needed)










Communal Areas – The Barn

This is a previously working building that we are currently developing so it can be used for larger events. Later in 2017 it will offer

  • A clear space 10 m x  11 m m (110 sq mt)
  • Clear space with chairs for 100 people
  • Dining space for up to 75 people