We have received a silver award from Green Tourism – the largest and most established sustainable certification programme in the world. This is just the beginning of our sustainable journey – we’re working for Gold!

At Glan Morfa Lodge we are committed to providing a good quality service to all our guests whilst wherever possible minimising the environmental impact of our activities.  The cottages that you will be staying in are partially solar powered, and additional energy is generated by wind turbine and solar panels.



Nature & Wildlife 

The 37 acres of nature reserve in which Glan Morfa Holiday Cottages is situated is managed carefully in order to attract and maintain a wide variety of wildlife from bugs to Buzzards whilst at the same time allowing as much access as possible in order for our guests to be able to explore and to fully experience the diversity of the landscape, foliage and abundant wildlife.

We are working closely with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds in order to encourage nesting sites for a wide variety of bird species that includes a number considered to be of high conservation concern in Wales.

We have recently introduced six bee hives to the site and will in the near future be producing our own honey.

The sheep and ponies that live here provide free lawn mower and fertilisation services and as such support a multitude of mini eco systems throughout the site.

Wherever possible hedgerows are allowed to grow without interference and any cutting back takes place well after birds are fully fledged. Wood for external wood burners is sourced by annual sprucing of willow trees leaving two thirds un-spruced in order to minimise the impact on wildlife.

We encourage local schools to make use of the grounds at Glan Morfa Holiday Cottages in order to encourage children to better understand and appreciate the rich diversity of their environment.


We have struggled to fully engage the local community – we want to find practical and viable ways of sharing our space and resources. We’re currently talking to the Anglesey Foster Parents Association with a view to developing the paddock behind library into a garden and playground. This is a positive development and very exciting too!

Waste Management

We’ve recently changed our waste management supplier to Grays Waste: www.grayswaste.com. They’re a local, independent and innovative waste management company.

None of our waste at Glan Morfa ends up on landfil, including General Waste – this is incinerated and turned into energy. Glass and paper are recycled. Food waste goes for processing by anaerobic digestion* and turned into electricity. What’s left goes into land as fertiliser.

*Anaerobic digestion is a series of biological processes in which microorganisms break down biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen. One of the end products is biogas, which is combusted to generate electricity and heat, or can be processed into renewable natural gas and transportation fuels.

Energy consumption and management

  • Opus Energy is our energy supplier. 90% of their energy comes from renewable sources: www.opusenergy.com/help-and-advice/customer-service/our-energy-sources/
  • We are currently putting a particular focus on reducing energy consumption and increasing the amount of energy we produce ourselves. To that end, we have applied to the Carbon Trust fund which is helping us with a new project that will bring Airsource energy to all cottages. They will help us with:
    • Preparation of an Invitation to Tender (ITT) package that succinctly sets-out project requirements (complete)
    • Identification of suitable “Accredited Suppliers” from the Green Business Directory and manage their queries and responses (currently in progress)
    • A technical assessment and life cycle cost analysis of each proposal
    • A ‘tender report’ detailing the relative merits of each proposal and a recommendation for the ‘Preferred Supplier / Solution
    • Support and advice to make an informed decision which could require for example, a trial/pilot demonstration


All this is very much work in progress – we welcome new ideas and suggestions, both environmental and social. Email any thoughts here.

We encourage guests to consider their environmental impact and where possible to:

* Compost green kitchen waste
* Use the separate bins provided for different types of waste
* Support the local food producers and restaurants by recommendation
* Use environmentally friendly washing and cleaning products. We provide our guests with eco washing up liquid and washing powder
* Leave hazardous waste such as batteries with us for safe disposal at our local recycling centre. Battery disposable bins are provided in the library.

In running the holiday cottages,
* We supply environmentally friendly washing products and cleaning materials for our guests use.
* We use environmentally friendly washing and cleaning products in our own cleaning routine
* All bed lined is washed using environmentally friendly products
* We do not use pesticides or pest control poisons anywhere on site
* Low energy light bulbs are used where possible and we will replace all bulbs with them when they need replacing.


Please see below a detailed list of our Environmental and Sustainable activities each year.

Management Report 2015-16

  • Rescued five Welsh mountain ponies and allowing them to graze on the land.
  • Introduced six bee hives
  • Banned all shooting, lamping and hunting with dogs from the site.
  • Cleared pathways allowing much greater access to the site.
  • Established links with local schools allowing free access to the site for children to give them a better understanding of their environment
  • Allowed and encouraged access to the site for the local community
  • Arranged with a local farmer to graze organically reared sheep on the grounds in exchange for occasional land maintenance.
  • Introduced a sustainable maintenance scheme for willow beds that provides wood for outdoor burners as well as providing winter environment for wildlife
  • Made contact with the RSPB, the Red Squirrel Trust and the Canal and River trust with regard to providing habitat for at risk birds and animals
  • Introduced a free flush system for the toilet in the library (run from rain water)
  • Introduced eco-friendly products in all areas of the business
  • Introduced compost bins for waste vegetable matter.
  • Mad Dogs Project


Management Report 2016-17

  • Environmental surveys done of all the wildlife at Glan Morfa by local conservation groups. Discovery of a particularly rare species of orchid
  • A group of local volunteer conservationists have helped clear paths around the nature park, particularly giving access to the bird hides
  • Commissioned a local artist to draw a map of the site that includes beautiful illustrations of the wildlife available to be spotted
  • Our guests soaps are locally made by hand by traditional methods using Anglesey Honey (from our bees!)
  • They have produced a comprehensive inventory of all wildlife observed on site – this is available on request. Found a rare orchid!!
  • Subscribed to the Ethical Consumer magazine which we now make available to our guests in the library, as is the RSPB magazine for adults and children. Actively promote their wildlife activities
  • Re-seeded the main grazing field with purple clover which is particularly attractive to bees
  • Gave a weekend away for the ‘Breakfast in Bed’ project in Manchester, which provides breakfast for the homeless
  • Introduced a Nature Note Book for guests to register any wildlife sightings
  • We’re now RSPB members and actively promote their activities to all our guests
  • Replaced all stock and now use 100% environment friendly products.
  • About 70% of our bulbs are now LED. All replacements are LED.